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Now you have read this article (Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating), go out and find out the reason your relationship is degrading day-by-day.

This article covered just the basics; there are thousand more signs to that can help to catch a cheating girlfriend.

Have they prioritized masturbating over having sex with you?

Did you approach them regularly, only to be turned down by them with a terrible excuse?

Just be cautious, it is a sign your girlfriend is cheating.

— Of course, you shouldn’t use her phone without permission. If there’s a reason, you should have absolutely no issue with it. A few months ago, she couldn’t spend a day without you, but now she can go on for two-three days without seeing you. It means that someone else is taking more care of her.

Also, make sure you notice her face well while she is on the phone, does she regularly smile after reading texts? Maybe she is asking about your whereabouts so that she can relax with that mystery man for a bit more time.

— If your girlfriend fights more with you these days, she might be knowingly trying to make you feel that the relationship won’t last long.

Sometimes, the doubts in your mind are completely baseless and have nothing to do with the reality.

Or worse, have they started to act like you're the option?

If this sounds familiar, it's a sign that they may have lost sexual attraction to you.

Though it may seem like you never will recover from an affair, it's very possible to have a relationship recover after infidelity — but only if your partner remains loyal and you are capable of forgiving them.

Show less Cheating is one of those things that shakes the foundations of a relationship down to its very core, and according to some statistics, as much as 27 percent of all divorces happen as a result of an affair.

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Real remorse isn't just crying because they got caught; it's making a serious effort to make you feel better, being humble about what they did, and doing whatever they can to save the relationship.

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