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She'd never used anything but her fingers, and even then it was rarely.Kendra and Chelsea had insisted it felt 'unbelievable,' and Elaine didn't doubt it. She'd heard people could become addicted to vibrators or they could turn into sex maniacs. Elaine was a smart, centred girl; one who knew where she was going...When she had an orgasm, she had to grit her teeth and concentrate very hard, just to maintain her composure. "You're a good girl, Elaine." Meaning, 'I never caught you masturbating and I'm pretty sure you still have your virginity.' She was right too.

Elaine wanted to sample the mythical ecstasy a vibrator was said to give, but she was scared.Along with a dose of humiliation and thumping adrenaline, her roommates had kindly presented Elaine with a vibrator.Though it appeared to have been given in jest, she had never felt more embarrassed than when she stood with her mouth open and her cheeks burning, an empty box in one hand and a sex toy in the other.She'd heard of girls described as 'screamers', and they were often called 'sluts' in the same breath. The second date occurred soon after Elaine's seventeenth birthday, when she confidently insisted on a date alone with a boy.Everything was going perfectly until he touched her thigh in the darkened movie theatre.

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Before long it was late and she went to bed, sleeping fitfully.

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