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We end up chatting for a bit and discover that we went to the same college…and graduated the same year…with the same degree. I let him know that I would be totally down to grab drinks this week. Nevertheless, I still text him, ignoring his frantic last message. That is all I am willing to commit to when I have never met you. Have you ever met someone who, as a rule, refuses to attend any event that would be deemed a “live show?

Should I ask someone else from my program about him? Jason asks if I want to grab “lunch or coffee or a drink sometime.” Offering up all three options seems a little excessive, but I choose to ignore it. I am beginning to rethink my decision to hang out with him at all, but as usual, my thirst overpowers my ability to make reasonable decisions and I decide to simply brush it off by saying, “Cool, sounds good to me! ” Or maybe he was wondering if I frequently perform in live shows?

For questions about the Event email Matt, your Seattle Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator or to register by phone call 360-850-1885.

For questions about the email Matt, your Seattle Coordinator or to register by phone call 360-850-1885.

I meet up with a friend at a coffee shop on Capitol Hill after work and regale her with the bios and text messages of the two men I have agreed to go on dates with this week.

She somehow breezes right by “two dudes who share a Tinder account” and demands to see a photo of Jason.

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I think back to how he brought up that his Tinder notifications were turned off.(Do people go on first dates during their lunch break? In that case, is now a good time to tell him that I was a townsperson in my hometown community theater’s production of “The Music Man” when I was 12?Joseph texts me a photo of a jar of quarters and says “locked and loaded.” He seems funny, but I can’t help but feel like our date will be fairly platonic.Canceling plans is an especially exhilarating feeling when you feel like you are doing so in an act of social justice. We had one particular conversation that I am very caught up on.You see, in said conversation, I discovered that we have a mutual friend — a friend who I have not seen in a few years but who I previously knew very well nonetheless. Does Matt know that Joseph was on a date with me tonight?

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In fact, some might even say that I knew that friend Joseph’s genuine excitement and surprise to learn that I also know Matt made it clear to me that he does not know the extent to which I know him. Regardless, it is safe to say that I do not see a real future for Joseph and me because of this.

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