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Mackay-Steven never budged, surrounded by medics and first-aiders.And as 37 minutes became 40 and 40 became 45, as all the atmosphere drained out of the occasion so too the rest of his team lost their focus, their shape and, with them, their chance of silverware.IT kicked off with a barrage of fireworks and flares that left an acrid pall of smoke. The only sounds through a horrible hiatus when no one in their right mind cared about 22 men kicking a ball.

They were both just committed to a high ball, only difference being that the defender had a run at it while the frontman went up from a standing start.All of it reduced down to one single thought in the minds of 50,000 inside the national stadium: Please let the boy be OK.A team-mate had the presence of mind to flip him onto his back.Once they did, it always felt like this would be their day.For all that Aberdeen gave their absolute lot, for all that no one could accuse them of not turning up when it mattered, it always had the air of a game when unless they scored first they’d be done for.

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