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A cottage industry sprang up in aftermarket upgrades and do-it-yourself parts.One of those was a shop run by Wayne Charvel, opened in ’74.In 1984 a guitar designer named Dave Andrews of David Andrews Guitar Research developed a Jazzmaster-shaped guitar that was basically an X-shaped structure with lots of the wood cut out. In 1985 Schecter introduced its first guitar line with this bolt-neck Genesis model.It was supposedly based on a design by one Bill Reed and Chip Todd.

We know it can be hard finding lefty guitars and basses, hopefully this sitemap will keep our site easy!More conventional Schecters followed, as did some more unconventional ones, like the Schecter Yngwie Malmsteen! Once this guitar got to Boston, the show designers kind of fell out of love with the Genesis.It didn’t get featured in the main exhibition, but was minimalized, as it were, to a hanging in the cafeteria area.A real solidbody version was also offered by Schecter.The Schecter Genesises were only offered for about a year.

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