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While in the states, Naeto linked up with Uzikwendu and his brother, Ikechukwu, an up and coming Hip Hop artist out of Washington Heights, NY.

The trio formed the World Famous Akademy, an aspiring Record Label but most importantly they developed a bond of brotherhood between them and became very close friends. His original intention was pursuing a professional career within the medical field but like most creative artists, “Naeto C”, opted to drop the medical career path and follow one that would be more accommodating to his creative side.

Naeto C has dated a number of female artists in the industry but he has fully resigned from his player days and mentions that he sees Omowunmi as his missing rib.

I have a list below of people who I think will make a really hot couple/great match.

The Nigerian rap star and ex-model, now Masters Student, Nicole Chukwueke celebrated their traditional introduction ceremony in the bride’s hometown on Thursday 29th December 2011. They both have exactly the same initials and attended the same secondary school (Atlantic Hall, Lagos, Nigeria) as well.

His likeness for music grew fast and was articulated into other creative art forms, most specifically poetry, which took him to various competitions and earned him accolade as a young poet during his earlier years.

Naeto attended the prestigious Atlantic Hall Secondary School, Epe Lagos and later moved to the United States of America to further his higher education in SUNY Old Westbury and a year later, George Washington University.

The Houston, Texas born Nigerian Afrobeat rapper, Naetochukwu Chikwe who goes by the stage name of Naeto C was born on 17 December 1982.

He is also a record producer and is known for dating a number of female artists in the entertainment industry.

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