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While working for the company, she also worked as a door cleaner, door-door vacuum cleaner selling and also was running her sandwich-making business. She also learns a lot of money from her television show and also from her great books.However, we don’t have any subject information regarding the sum that she receives as a salary.The businesswoman is a married woman with four children.However, we don’t have the names or birth date of her children.Initially, she started her Property Investment and Development at the young age of 19 years with the help of her brother and then-boyfriend now-husband.She is also a pioneer for online dating sites and online property buying and selling.

In 2015, Sarah joined forces with living solutions specialist, Hafele UK, to launch the Sarah Beeny Home Collection.

The TV show charted the painful but extremely rewarding journey as Sarah and her family turned a total wreck into a unique and beautiful wedding and events venue.

Sarah spent much of her time in 2014 revolutionising the way in which we sell our homes, launching her online estate agency,

Sarah Beeny is a renowned property expert, businesswoman and TV presenter, well-known for fronting Channel 4’s Double Your House for Half the Money, Help!

Sarah set up her first property development company aged just 24 along with her brother Diccon and now husband, Graham Swift.

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