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If you think you've found a bug in Ren'Py, report it to our Git Hub issue tracker.If you'd like to contribute to Ren'Py development, please visit our Git Hub project page.Install the SRD_Elemental Skill file like any other plugin and you’ll be good to go!

Ren'Py has been used to create over 1,500 visual novels, games, and other works.

Good luck on it though, I remember a type of dating sim existed on Newgrounds that used a engine similar to RPGXP, except a bit more unadvance.

If you want to make one of that genre, you might want to look into this engine instead: a visual novel engine with built-in functions for convenient char-pic dialogues in picture backgrounds.

After a bunch of hours spent trying to figure out how it works, I realized I wanted to make a Dating Sim with it. I'm a total noob with this, so any help would be appreciated! My suggestion would be to go to or Creation Asylum, find other dating sim games out there, look at their games, see if they use any scripts you like, and ask them if they will share.

Otherwise, you'll have to look through the script databases.

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