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Alina spends longer preparing my lesson than she does teaching me.I consider myself well prepared if I have read the chapter five minutes prior to the lesson. And so, partly humbled by my comparative uselessness as a teacher and partly thankful for being born in a country that gave the world its dominant language, I started my course.Most bright, young Romanians realise quickly that their career opportunities are limited if they are not bilingual - almost everyone with whom I had contact was fluent and keen to practise their English with a native speaker.The fact that after I left the country I'd have little use for any Romanian was another justification.Like many aspects of life in Romania, the language seems to be the result of a group of men sitting down and saying, "What is the most difficult, illogical way we can do this? At school, my French and German textbooks dealt with everyday situations like buying a loaf of bread, talking about family members and asking directions.

My textbook should have been called Romanian for Hunters. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Protochronism (Romanian: Protocronism) is a pejorative term referring to various pseudohistorical, pseudolinguistic, and pseudoarchaeological theories that claim that Romania is the cradle of civilization, that all or many peoples are branches of Romanians, and that all or many languages are derived from Romanian, among other things.Because I have learnt a little from living here but haven't had any formal tuition, I have a vocabulary that is far ahead of my grammar. So far, I have translated "Two Frenchmen have been arrested for theft" as "Frenchmen (in general) are thieves"; "The adventure novels are in the library" as "The adulterous Romanians are in the library" and (with Mc Carthyist overtones) "Did you go to a party?" became "Were you a member of the Communist Party?

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Like the taxi driver chattering away pleasantly as he circumnavigates the city, whose impressive English suddenly vanishes when you ask for your change.

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