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Moreover, according to a study published in Climatic Change, Chevron is the company which contaminated the planet most with its carbon dioxide emissions during 150 years.The aim of this map is therefore to show major conflicts concerning extractive activities led by the Chevron Corporation as well as peoples' resistance and struggles.Many socio-economic and cultural issues affect the local population who usually have few resources and are more dependent on agriculture, fishing, and local trade, which has been destroyed by the company (e.g. The threat to food sovereignty affects in particular the ancestral cultures of indigenous peoples (e.g. The political lobbying of Chevron affects states' sovereignty and permits the company to develop polluting activities in compliance with their governments (e.g. Also the lack of transparency of its financial transactions and its refusal to disclose contract conditions with the States (e.g.Argentina) does not allow population to evaluate the impact of these activities in their country.This map is the result of a convergence of fights of affected communities all over the world.It invites to continue cooperation to denounce human and environmental rights violations as well as to claim justice for collective damages caused to the people and lands.21Mayo - #Día Anti Chevron Este mapa presenta 30 casos de conflictos con la petrolera Chevron en todo el mundo (haz click en los puntos en el mapa o mira abajo para conocer más sobre los casos).Thanks to the experiences to date, many can mobilize different strategies to prevent such human rights violations.

Greg Mottola, who directs the series, and Moonshot’s Cranston and James Degus executive produce with showrunner Michael Glouberman.

El objetivo del mapa es entonces dar a conocer los conflictos fruto de las actividades extractivas de la Chevron Corporation así como las resistencias y luchas de los pueblos.

Se están registrando un número considerable de casos en todo el mundo en donde Chevron ha evadido cualquier responsabilidad por daños ambientales.

The company is responsible for several accidents having caused oil spills such as in the campo de Frade, Brazil in 2011 (more than 380.000 liters of oil in the sea).

In November 2014, children of a school close to Karachaganak in Kazakhstan suffered from chronic intoxication.

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