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She was obsessed with Cherry Jones for years to the point of harassment which Cherry handled with incredible grace. Also bearded with George Clooney in US Magazine years ago. Currently in a lesbian movie and brought her brother to the opening.Rob's relationship with Sarnoff got Sara's sample work read, true, but Robin certainly didn't do the work FOR Sara or insist on a job for her. Somebody told me Robin preys on emotional masochists, but one of the women I know who had to really work to recover from Robin's insanity is super super sweet, totally genuine, and not a masochist. ) and rarely says a bad word about anyone, but quietly referred to Robin as "one sick skull-fucker".And Sara had been Robin's biggest supporter and advocate for a while... --She'll shit on you and then turn around and blame you for making her do it.This conversation is the best thing that could happen for her.The less hidden all this is, the more motive she has to be in real treatment.

I know 2 good people who (unknowingly) got blown apart the Path of Destruction that is the twisted and certifiably narcy Ms Weigert. RW moves to LA with playwright turned tv writer, Sara, who'd totally supported RW's career during lean years, but on Deadwood now, RW does that weird thing with Carradine (was it an affair or just a beard?Cindy was the worst enabler of all, and that's - in a way- the saddest case, because Robin always maintained ties with Cindy because she wanted jobs.And Cindy continued to cast her, even as recently as Rebecca Miller's last film.Go figure it's not like she got her roles on sheer talent alone either. I have been a huge Robin Weigert fan for awhile and was really surprised to read some of the comments on here. She won't give any names and I can find nothing about it online.Also, she recently had a movie debut at Sundance she was in about a suburban lesbian housewife( played by Robin Weigert) who becomes a prostitute for women.

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