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He leaves right after dinner, as soon as he can extricate himself from George's long-winded stories about his days in a rock band.

By the end of the night, Derek believes he's a shoe in with Sally; and Casey is sure her boyfriend is going to dump her.

She will ask him questions and then immediately answer them herself. After receiving Derek's permission, they begin dating in the episode "Male Code Blue".

After breaking up numerous times, they call it quits in the episode "Middle Manic", but decide to stay friends in the episode "Battle of the Bands" when Casey becomes the lead singer of Derek's band.

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Shane Kippel as Ralph Papadapolis, one of Derek's friends and fellow band member. Kate Todd as Sally, Derek's co-worker who starts to like him after breaking up with ex-boyfriend, Patrick.

With some interference and planning from Casey and Nora, they finally begin to date.

Derek (Michael Seater) had held back from hitting on Sally (Kate Todd) while she was dating Patrick (Robert Clark), but now it seems she's free and clear and definitely "into" him.

Derek's even more convinced that he's reading the signals right when she happens to stop by the house to return the wallet he left at the restaurant.

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Casey denies her feelings for him, but in the end, finally agrees to date him.

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