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The RIPA gathers information that will allow the IRS to perform a suitability check on the responsible individual.A RIPA is required for all responsible individuals identified within a CPEO Application and it must be submitted through the IRS Online Registration System after the responsible individual verifies his or her identity through the Identity Verification process on the same registration system.Regarding implementing a strategic plan, the buck stops at the top.Responsible Individuals play an important and necessary role in the CPEO Application process.Responsible individuals undergo several background checks including criminal background checks, tax compliance checks, experience reporting and others as part of the RIPA process.The FBI conducts criminal background checks using the responsible individual’s fingerprints.Processing times are based on all of the facts and information submitted with an application and the associated RIPAs.If the IRS requires additional information or clarification, it may contact the appropriate responsible individual or CPEO applicant.

Strategic plans, or "grand plans" have to do, at least initially with the overall direction of the company or organization, so in theory, and often in practice it is the CEO that will be held accountable for results that should be generated through the implementation of a strategic plan.

Follow the instructions on each screen to identify the items you wish to update or change.

You must also give a date of when each update or change occurred.

Fingerprints must be submitted by each responsible individual or application submitter. Fingerprints are submitted on a Form FD-258, Fingerprint Card.

The fingerprint cards used for the CPEO program are unique and can only be obtained by sending an email request to [email protected] CPEO FINGERPRINT in the subject line.

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