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I know this probably has you scratching your head but bear with me and it will all become clear.First let me give you a bit of history, and then I will explain the applications as it is used in the Renaissance Fair.Now this is a rare occurrence but still it does occur.Some wenches wear fruit tucked in their cleavage or perhaps a small stuffed animal.It is said whole cloves are used because in the old days people didn’t brush their teeth so they would chew on cloves to freshen their breath.

As with the tails, the cloven fruit had its practical application during the Elizabethan times and has been modified into a romantic ice-breaker.Some women at the Renaissance Fair go through great trouble to bring attention to their cleavage.There are flower vendors that sell roses to be placed in a woman’s cleavage.Now this simple cloven fruit has progressed into the folklore and traditions of the Renaissance Fair.As the story now goes, if a man or woman has a cloven fruit (any fruit can be used but a lemon is still preferred) the individual will take this fruit and place upon it whole cloves, usually thirteen.

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