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John Mc Donnell (main) outlined the party's incendiary plans to 'tackle the burgeoning buy-to-let market' in a bombshell interview last night.

The dramatic policy is designed to clamp down on middle-class families who buy a second property as a nest egg for their retirement.

As Dorian battered the islands and swirled perilously close to the U.

S., Florida issued an official hurricane watch from Boca Raton through Brevard County and evacuations for its eastern coast.

Something happened to the bugs, many got hurt, muahaha! It makes me think of the first time I received flowers as a gift, I believe they were roses. Funny thing about potato plant flowers, you can't sow potatoes too close to tomatoes because they are in the same plant family.

They were given to me by my ex Dan, I remember feeling conflicted inside because flowers were traditionally given to women, I was a little embarrassed and my male ego, slightly insulted. If you do, the potato flowers will form something similar to small tomatoes but they are not edible.

The intervention is likely to be crucial as opposition MPs seek to frustrate the Prime Minister.

The prime minster was due to hold 'peace talks' with 21 rebel Tory Remainers such as Mr Gauke (right), who vowed to vote against No Deal despite the threat of deselection by the party at a future general election.

Mr Johnson gathered his closest aides at Chequers today as he braces for all-out war with Remainers in Parliament this week.

The PM, government whips and key officials - including maverick No10 chief Dominic Cummings - holed up for lunch at the country residence.

Mr Mc Donnell said he believed the idea would reverse problems caused by Mrs Thatcher's policy.

Pictured: Jeremy Corbyn hunts for the right combination for his bike lock in London today (left bottom); British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher hands over the deeds to the council house belonging to the King family of Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, 1979 (right bottom).

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Maybe it's a stereo type but what is it about gay men and flowers. The parents could see that the boys were forming questions about uncle Phil but we're hesitant to ask. The parents smiled and said that they thought the same as well.

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