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The mods allow for a bit more treble content, and easier-to-dial-in unity gain, rather than the RAT’s more common volume jump.

It’s also based around the LM308 chip, so you’re getting a pretty close replica of the original.

There’s a diode selector for different clipping tones, and a momentary feedback footswitch for all your noise-rock needs.

Pro Co Turbo Rat £139This pedal is probably the most famous of Pro Co’s updated RAT pedals.

Volume: Unlike some other pedals, changing the output volume will not alter the tone, thanks to a JFET buffer between the two circuit blocks.

The output block is a simple 100K pot blending signal to ground.

Most notably, Rivers Cuomo from Weezer is a fan, and all the members of Nirvana are known to have used a RAT - although admittedly, Dave Grohl with his later band Foo Fighters - while shoegazers like Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mark Gardener of Ride are also owners.This is where the Turbo RAT comes in, using LEDs for a fatter, woolier distortion tone.Walrus Audio Iron Horse V2 £192To allow players to choose which model of RAT they’re after, this clone has a three-position toggle for selecting diodes.The Rat was conceived by Scott Burnham and Steve Kiraly in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1978.The first pedal was a custom order, but after some tweaks, the Pro Co company started producing the units commercially in 1979.

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