Radgrid not updating after delete

The first one is to add rows directly into the data source assigned to the grid (see Rad Grid View data binding).

The second approach is to use the Add method of the Rows collection.

The Detailsview doesn't appear or load up the record. Only now some of the controls on the Details View no longer work.

I had it rigged so that when you selected off the dropdown that is the first real field, another drop-down further on down is populated and certain fields become visible or invisible, based on that selection. And if I fill out the record completely anyways and click "Insert", nothing happens.

Data Bind(); So now, after inserting, deleting, or updating, the Gridview is automatically refreshing.

Im using a Radgrid to display some results where the user can edit/update/delete them.

In other words, I had had: I had THOUGHT that those routines were somehow defined by the system by default.

I tried moving those closing tags to UNDERNEATH the Details View instead.... However, I can't add a new record anymore, because this has somehow "broken" a third-party pop-up date-time picker that I had linked to a required field. I can edit a record and when I'm finished, the Detailsview seems to update with the change, but not the Gridview.

Perhaps I should look into just triggering a full page reload instead.

or if I close the ASP Development Server IE instance and reopen it (Shift-F5).

However, the Gridview itself is NOT updating with any changes I make (unless, of course, I close and reopen IE).

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