Quicken and chase not updating

Gnu Cash must be configured using --enable-hbci and --enable-ofx in order for OFXDirect Connect to be available. This page is intended to document how to use this wizard to enable you to download data directly from your bank or credit card company into the appropriate Gnu Cash register.You must have Libofx 0.8.2 or higher and Aq Banking 2.0.0 or higher to user OFXDirect Connect in Gnucash You'll be presented with the new-user dialog. Most banks that support OFX direct-connect are included in the database.Add( "ACCTTYPE", "CMA" ); Ofx Aggregate inctran Tag("INCTRAN"); inctran Tag.Add( "DTSTART", time_t_to_ofxdate( m_date_from ) ); You should now be able to download trasnactions and balance information for Savings and Credit Line accounts NOTE: once a new release of libofx is out these notes should be changed This error has at least occurred for me when trying to add an account manually when the account download feature did not work.The account(s) information you downloaded won't be visible in the Aq Banking setup wizard until the next time you open the wizard (the Accounts tab does not refresh automatically), but the data is on your machine and available to Gnu Cash's HBCI setup.Click Close on the "Requesting account list" communication progress window Click OK in the Aq Banking Configuration window, and you return to the Gnu Cash HBCI Setup window.

Try changing the HTTP Version to 1.1 [from 1.0], or make sure your FID and ORG settings are correct, the URL is correct, etc.On the third page, select "Run" to proceed to the second part of the assisant. That's a user-specific "Two Factor Authentication" number that ensures that only one program installation can connect to your bank. This screen, but it's not widely needed so just click "OK" on the 4th page.Not all banks use it, but if your's does then you'll need to insert one. There are several generators on the web like this one. The actual values are software and header versions, the pull-down list just sets those based on (unfortunately older) versions of various Intuit products. Once a User is defined, you could click on the Accounts tab and define the account(s) associated with the previously define User(s).Depending on the nature of your financial situation, you may be in a position where you have accounts with a number of banks.This can be difficult to manage, which is why the Quicken software can be a welcome addition to your computer.

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