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Terms of sale are particularly important in international trade since it covers when shipping occurs, who is responsible for international duties and taxes, and any other factors that have been established by the international chamber of commerce regulations.Payment in advance, PIA for short, is simply a payment that is made ahead of schedule.Advances protect sellers against non-payments and to cover any out-of-pocket expenses they require to accomplish the project.This term, which is associated with “Cash on Delivery” (COD) or “Payable on Receipt,” means that a payment is due at the same time as a product or service is delivered.This ballpark figure is commonly used when a client is comparing prices.While this isn’t the final amount that you’re going to bill the client, it should still include invoicing essentials like the price of your products or service, an itemized breakdown of how you’ve determined the price, and a time schedule of when the final goods or services will be delivered.This payment option gives the client the opportunity to settle their bills over a period of time — typically on a monthly or quarterly basis.In other words, it’s allowing the customer to purchase a product or service on credit.

For example, if the invoice was dated June 10 and you used one of the most used payment terms, Net 30, then the payment would be expected before July 9.

Most invoicing platforms allow you to painlessly convert your quote or estimate into an invoice.

As we’ve explained previously, recurring invoices are for ongoing services, such as landscaping or web hosting, and are typically for the same amount each month, like for a membership or subscription.

These are also the essential components of any invoice.

In short, it’s the expectations between the buyer and seller so that there won’t be any potential misunderstandings nor disagreements because both parties clearly know what is expected and they are satisfied with the requirements.

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