Pregnant dating baby isnt mine

But when Sam confronts Quinn, suspicious of her actions, she lets her ego take control of her, and decides to kiss Finn anyway. Finn and Quinn later meet in the auditorium, where they briefly discuss where they are in their relationship, and kiss again, this time more passionately.Unknown to them, Santana deliberately infected Finn with mono as revenge for their actions earlier in the week, leading to both Finn and Quinn getting sick.

Quinn, however, still chooses to be with the Cheerios and Finn confronts her about this, their conversation ending on a sour note.It is soon revealed that Rachel asked Quinn to do this, however Quinn is still visibly upset from Finn's response.In The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Quinn is stuck in a dilemma in which she has to choose between the Cheerios and Glee Club.They make up when Finn confronts Quinn again just before the football match's half time show and requests that she, Santana and Brittany leave the Cheerios and help them perform for Glee club.Finn additionally tells Quinn that he knows she was strong enough to make this decision, and she agrees to leave the Cheerios.

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