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A turn of this screw will move the frog forward or backward, depending on the direction it is turned. It reads in four lines: APR patent date appears with the others patent dates cast behind the frog.The knob undergoes a change in height, and is now much taller than the previous style.This new design is found on sizes 3- 8, but the frog is of a 3 size for all planes.This was probably an attempt to make interchangeable parts for most of the bench planes, instead of having a frog sized for each size of plane.

This is likely the mark of the Sessions Foundry, who contracted with Stanley to produce their castings. The number designation is now cast just behind the knob. A smaller bearing surface is now cast into the bed, toward the tote.All 3 of the logos are the result of the merger between Stanley Rule and Level, the tool producer, and The Stanley Works, the hardware producer.A" below the heart, in one line that is longer than the length of the notched rectangle.I've only noted one of these planes, a 5, with this lever cap.Its iron is stamped with the first sweetheart trade- mark.

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