Pdt identity token for validating orders

As this service is not available on the Oracle’s OCI infrastructure, Oracle provides a migration path for ICS4Saa S customers to migrate their workloads to OCI.

Oracle introduced a new offering called Oracle Integration for Oracle Saa S (aka OIC4Saa S).

Update library feature provides much awaited update functionality on registered libraries.

As part of the update library user can add new functions, remove unused functions or modify logic of existing functions.

Add function in is used in integrations so the signature of this function in the updated library file is unchanged even though the add function definition is changed.

As mentioned above the containing library file name is also part of a function signature so the file name is unchanged in the updated library.

As the signature of functions in the new library file do not match with the library in the system, the new library file is rejected.

As part of the update library user can add new functions, remove unused functions or modify logic of existing...

You may add new functions but removing a function used in integrations results in rejection of the new file.

Feature Flag This feature is available when console.library.update feature flag is enabled.

Here is how library update works Let's consider a simple Math library that defines basic add function that takes two parameters and is used in an integration.

If the new library file adheres to these conditions the library is updated and library edit page is displayed for further configuration changes.

Please note that if the returns parameter for a function used in an integration was changed in the updated library the system does not flag an error but it invalidates the downstream mapping in integrations and should be re-mapped.

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Introduction Oracle Integration Cloud Service for Oracle Saa S (aka ICS4Saa S) is a version of Oracle’s Integration Cloud Service (ICS) targeted for use with Oracle Saa S products.

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