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A positive aspect of dating for divorced seniors is their generally strong resolve to learn from past mistakes and get it right.Like widowed seniors, divorced seniors should never date with a broken heart either.While widowed seniors didn’t choose to be single, divorced seniors did, which is a significant difference.There are other disparities, but the good news for both is there are a myriad of online dating sites for widows, widowers, and divorcees that work.Senior men and women must be able to view each other as potential partners, not sex surrogates or therapists.The great thing about joining senior online dating sites is that you decide on the pace with each and every person you chat with online.It may take a while before a widowed senior feels comfortable about going onto a dating site for widows and widowers, but that’s all right because being emotionally ready to date isn’t a process that can be rushed, and dating with a broken heart is totally pointless.Divorced seniors’ grief is somewhat different, albeit painful nonetheless.

Dating sites like have great features that help recommend potential matches based on the many interests you provided in your profile.

But most are glad to be out of dead end marriages and nearly all look forward to creating a relationship with a new partner more attuned with the person they’ve become.

Like widowed seniors there’s a critical grieving period after a divorce that has to be honored before dating.

Senior men struggle with the healing process whether divorced or widowed and they rarely take sufficient time to feel their pain before jumping into dating.

The result is a skyrocketing divorce rate for second and third marriages for senior men.

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