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It is amazing how online dating sites unite people from various corners of the globe.

But, unfortunately, scammers never sleep and will abuse dating sites for their own benefits.

Some people find their match at once, for others, it may take some time.

One of our customers read so many scam stories before his trip to Ukraine that after his meeting with 7 ladies, each of them seemed to be a scammer for him, taxi drivers, translators, waiters at the restaurants, and even hostesses in the hotels were scammers.

It’s good if there are some common pictures of her everyday life to compare.

This way, you can see if she really looks the same in both types of pictures. There are sites where the lady can have a video chat and be online whenever she wants.

We beg you not believe such kind of letters because this is one of the biggest red flags and signs of a Russian dating site scam.Besides, a lady who is serious and has nothing to hide will not reject adding her casual pictures to her profile. So, as we mentioned already, family-oriented and serious ladies will not be able to be online every day, and, especially at nights!So, if her profile is online days and nights, every day, and she doesn’t communicate with you at that time, think well what is she doing there?We don’t want to disappoint you, but she is working there!None of the ladies will exchange contact information after the first letter because she doesn’t know you yet and doesn’t want to get into the trap as well as you. She wants to communicate with you on her email to ask you for money.

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But he was refused by all the ladies, as it appeared later, for his strange and suspicious behavior.

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