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Her charisma when talking about matters of the heart has earned her a loyal fan base of Kimberlinas on the web.

Currently, Kimberly’s channel boasts 333,000 subscribers. Her weekly videos get millions of views from a primarily young and female audience.

Whether you’re dealing with feelings of anxiety before a date or struggling in an unhappy marriage, KMA Therapy has a trained specialist who can work with you and guide you to maintain fulfilling and trusting relationships.

Kimberly runs a general practice that offers couples counseling as well as individual therapy focused on sex, dating, and relationships.

From evidence-based techniques to emotionally focused therapy, the team’s diverse blend of styles is a great upside to the general practice.

Typically, patients come to KMA Therapy once a week for one-hour appointments, but Kimberly said the frequency and duration of sessions can vary based on a person’s schedule, budget, and other personal preferences.

The team is flexible enough to work with busy individuals.

She pays close attention to the comments and uses the feedback from her audience as inspiration for new videos.

When she sees a large number of comments all asking the same question — like “How do I get a guy to like me?

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Since 2008, KMA Therapy has helped thousands of people develop effective communication strategies and healthy relationship habits.

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