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However, around the 18th century, the dominant view became that of two sexes directly opposite to each other.

There was an abundance of literature written in the 18th century supporting the two-sex model.

Thus, "women's protected and conservative role in the household and society was justified by arguments preordained function." Sex was seen as being a major battleground during the French Revolution and "the creation of a bourgeois public sphere...raised with a vengeance the question of which sex(es) ought legitimately to occupy it." and thus propagated the notion that women were inferior to men.

Renaissance anatomical illustrations depicted a woman as a man turned inside out.

Michel de Montaigne, a writer during the French Renaissance, writes in his Travel Journal, about a group of young girls who dressed up like males and led their lives as males.

For him, this was seen as perfectly normal and that "there is no ontological sex, only organs assigned legal and social status".

The "one-sex/two-sex" theory claims that the switch from the one-sex model to the two-sex model created the foundations of gender as we know them today.

The "one-sex/two-sex" theory also sees politics as helping to bring about the dominance of the two-sex model.

There were endless struggles for power and position occurring between and among men and women.

The explanations for this shift are both epistemological and political.

In terms of the epistemological, in the beginning of the eighteenth century, experts with authority were determining what was natural and what was not.

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