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But I have a very strong suspicion the kinds of people who answer "Hey how are you" vs the kinds who answer personalized messages are different. Finally messaging a dozen girls a day would get at least one messaging back for just a nothing conversation.

And that more responses doesn't necessary equal more actual success. " I either ignore it, or if I have the energy I'll entertain myself. They don't come out of their shells even when I have tried to show them that it's okay to be weird I was going to make the same comment as yours.

I am grateful I met my girlfriend on OKCupid, but I wouldn't go back for how toxic for you it can be. When I started online dating I specifically targeted OKC because I was looking for some longer term dating.

(esp women who are used to getting bombarded.)This is just the reality and this is coming from a woman - when women say what they want in terms of men messaging them online, they're usually referring to men they're already physically attracted to. Generally the second message is a generic question), nothing.

"It's going as fast as it can, hold your horses I'm TRYING!!! I would actually go through the trouble of reading women's profiles, I would honestly just message those I thought I could have a connection with a message related to something from their profile. After a while I started trying low effort first messages and they would work better.

I've been with my girlfriend for over 2 years, we've been living together for over a year and we met on OKCupid but if for some reason I were single again I would never ever go back to a dating app.

Don’t even try to tell me blasting ‘Untouched’ through your first-gen i Pod Touch on the bus to school didn’t change you as a person.

This poses the question: can a piece of art so brilliant spread its genius to something that’s a total garbage fire – like say, my dating life? There’s no real way to jump in subtly and pretend it’s just a regular Tinder convo unless you’re a stage-five clinger, or just INCREDIBLY thirsty.

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I'd see they put a particular band, show, book, movie, or whatever in the media section of their profile, and I'd share my similarity in taste and ask them if they've heard, seen, or read ____ that is similar in style or structure.

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