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The Department of Health commissioned the report on 'Clear Sexual Boundaries Between Health Professionals and Patients' from the CHRE after three national inquiries found serious failings in the handling of cases of sexual abuse of patients.Dr Clifford Ayling, a GP, was convicted of sexually assaulting women patients over a number of years and Dr Peter Green, also a GP, was found guilty of nine counts of indecent assault."Doctors who discover that a person with whom they are developing a personal or sexual relationship is also their patient should immediately cease the relationship or take reasonable steps to ensure that medical care is provided by another practitioner.A patient, who will remain on your ward for at least a few weeks following a road accident, asks you if you will go on a date with them after they are discharged.

You must ensure all aspects of the relationship focus exclusively upon the needs of the patient or client.’ This could be interpreted as requiring a registered practitioner to have no personal or intimate relationship with a patient or client for whom she or he is caring.In 2005 the Kerr-Haslam inquiry found that allegations of indecent assault against two psychiatrists from North Yorkshire were often ignored by NHS consultants.Clear boundaries The draft guidance states that health professionals must establish and maintain clear sexual boundaries.Harmful Professor Julie Stone, executive lead on the CHRE Clear Boundaries project said research had shown that even a relationship with a former patient can be very harmful and should be avoided."When professionals abuse their position of trust it can have devastating and long-lasting effects, especially in vulnerable patients.

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