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Sure enough, in 2017 a beautiful 17 year young Bavaria 42 got a new owner, captain and was renamed: Ju Mar. Quite simply because it is one of the most inhospitable landscapes on the planet – it is only navigable for two months of the year. At least that’s what I thought until about two years ago when Joscha offered me the opportunity of a lifetime – to sail the Northwest Passage with him.

Admittedly, I didn’t know much about the passage at the time. The ocean is perhaps the last place in the world where you have virtually no contact with civilisation. No telephone, no internet, only time to focus on the essentials, the people around you and yourself.

My first experience as a skipper was on the IJsselmeer.

The goal was still clear – at the age of 30 I would buy a boat and sail around the world with it. I want to sail the passage before it is too late and Greenland truly becomes a green land. The world is fully charted, travelled and documented.

All the Nazi leader’s paintings are said to date between 19, with many expecting them to shatter their price estimates.

It is legal to buy, sell and own Nazi memorabilia in Germany, as long as it is deemed a “work of art” or used for “educational, art and science and research reasons.”.

Experts who saw the collection at Auktionhaus Weidler in Nuremberg, Germany, said the highlights are the wicker chair taken from the Third Reich leader and lover Eva Braun’s holiday home Haus Wachenfeld and a rare Meissen vase.

The chair is expected to go for around £6,000 while the ornate vase — which also has a swastika on the side — is estimated to be worth £5,000.

At the EDELWEISS, you can cool down in the sauna area's Alpine roof garden.

Dutch journalist Bart FM Droog told German media: “No one will ever know how many pictures Hitler painted.

For the next weeks I´m around Portugal, Austria and Germany.

Among the collection are artworks painted by Adolf Hitler before the outbreak of World War 1, and his favourite wicker armchair with a swastika pattern on the side.

Some of the paintings are expected to sell for up to £40,000 when they go up for auction on February 9.

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Allied soldiers confiscated the vase from the dictator’s private rooms in the Reich Chancellery after his suicide in 1945.

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