Non sexual touch while dating

Don’t just stand there and give her your phone as if you are afraid that she has some contagious disease.

Once it is time to pull out your phone and to let her type in her number, you should be ready to position yourself right next to her.

While she types in her number you stand so close to her that your arm touches her arm.

You obviously want to see what she is typing in and you can’t see that while standing far away.

Women want guys who are confident and who go for what they want without apologizing for it. A guy who asks for a female opinion doesn’t make her heart thump and he also doesn’t make her pussy vibrate.

The only way to show her right from the start that you are such a confident and unapologetic guy is by approaching her with a direct compliment.

Follow the body language tips in this article and she will get aroused by simply looking at the way you stand.

If you combine a confident body language with the determination to win every staring contest that you have, her knees will get weak right after you said your name.

While you are giving her your phone your fingers will touch her fingers.What I like to do in this situation is to say You promise her that you will call her and you give her a hug.Don’t even think about shaking her hands a second time.Touching her when you go for the kiss is also way too late. You tell her your name while you are inviting her to shake your hand.It all starts within the first ten seconds of meeting her. This handshake usually lasts for a couple of seconds, but it has the power to influence the rest of your interaction.

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One important aspect of learning how to make a girl horny is to learn how to touch her the right way.

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