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The DC Extended Universe has been on an upswing in the last couple of months. To be clear, despite this being big news in the comic book movie world, it's not actually a surprise.

After years of critical failures, the Warner Brothers-owned big-screen arm of DC Comics managed to land the first certified hit outside of But this film will not star Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck's tenure as the caped crusader was always regarded as an experiment, one that could end at any time. is dating their next rendition of Batman for June 25, 2021.

I once offered to do the same for my Dad's mask but we decided that instead I should do it to his and robins suits so that if any one but them take off the masks their appearance's change, if they take off their masks then they are themselves again, it's helped them because they have lost their masks a couple of time while fighting, this way the bad guy's don't know who they are if they get the masks off. well you see, my mask is designed so that it can't come off in a fight, Batman's and Robins aren't because they find the way it's designed uncomfortable, i don't have those same feelings so it works great for me.

why haven't I joined the Justice League as Shadow and just not told them who I am?

But I'm getting off track here, I'm supposed to be saving my father not telling you all about me, SO back to saving my Dad from being berried (kind of) Alive.YOU ARE READING Fanfiction a secret that Batman had been hiding for the past 16 years is revealed to the League, and the Team. Aqua-Lad, Ms, Martian, Artemis, Zatanna, Robin, Flash, and Super-boy.and with it comes adventures, mysteries, torture, pain, love, and humor... there are no other heroes in the team at the moment, and Rocket isn't in this fan-fiction because I don't know enough about her to be able to write about her and make it good.I'm Elly Grey and this is Gotham News." I turned the TV off and went down to the Bat-cave, a place that only a few have ever actually been, being who I am has made me one of those lucky few. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, you all must be so confused, you see, I'm BATMAN' S DAUGHTER.My name is Annabeth Wayne, Bruce Wayne is my father and since Bruce Wayne is Batman that makes him my father, so why haven't you ever heard of me you ask?

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the ' Owed-To-Bat' broke into a News studio and started to broadcast a series of threats, when the Batman showed up the royal flush gang, Bane and Poison Ivy distracted him long enough for the Joker to get behind him and shoot him with an energy beam, the entire thing was caught on tape and the entire World saw the Death of Batman Live." the news Woman stopped talking and the screen switched to a video of the death, showing everyone how Batman Died.

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