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He is full time dating coach for men, and coaches men one-on-one about meeting and dating. I convinced him to make a special seminar just for us.

This specific seminar we will be about Nice Guys and Bad Boys, what are the ways of nice guy and why they fail with women, and how to correct it.

Well, it's all about your choices, actions, thoughts, and feelings. However, changing yourself will change the way people respond to you.

I will help you become the best version of yourself, and make you irresistible.

You have pulled them out of their normal “dating interview” routine and hopefully gave them a laugh, or at least sparked some interesting follow-up questions.

Remember, your goal at these events is to have fun, make sure the other person is having fun, and keep the positive energy flowing.

So you want to get in, have a fun little interaction, and leave, hopefully having them looking forward to more. “I have to run to (walk a dog, meet my friend, get to work) but I would love to keep talking about your favorite skiing places!

We love our happy hours, our brunches, our trivia nights.

Even when we are commuting, it’s usually public transportation, and we’re still surrounded by hundreds of people.

I was able to book a New York Dating Head coach Art Malov to do a speaking engagement just for us and for a fraction of what he normally charges for seminars.

Art Malov has been featured in number of programs and articles in the New York Times, Observer, Sirius Radio, Learning Annex and number of other media.

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