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If you think someone is stunning and you'll kick yourself later if you don't let them know, tell them, Lo Dolce said.

Ever stand in line at Starbucks and hear someone mention a common interest?

"But at the end of the day, we're designed for human contact, not a computer screen."Online daters and social media users easily fall into a new way of communicating.

Instead of the rules and social norms used in face-to-face meeting, they create ones for digital interfacing.

It’s a breakthrough, they say, that will have would-be lovers swiping right and boosting their odds of moving a romance from awkward Internet messaging to real-life date nights.

In a meta-analysis of 86 psychology, sociology, computer, and behavioral studies, they found answers to the questions that leave online daters paralyzed at their keyboards or searching for the perfect selfie.

"Online dating is like a buffet," Marni Battista, founder and CEO of Dating with Dignity, said. "Online dating is one tool in the tool kit, but I think we as a society are seeing that there is still a real way to meet people.""We feel that we don't need to look people in the eyes to communicate anymore -- a keystroke has replaced that look," Eastman said. "People want to go back to the day where you're sitting at a coffee shop, make eye contact and there is this mysterious moment where you don't know each other," Lo Dolce said.Movement and clear communication are signs of a good date, Eastman said."What people really need is to be in that place of self-love and confidence, being authentic to who they are," Battista said."Then you have a different energy out in the world -- you see yourself as a dater and on the market, and that confidence is attractive."When approaching someone, be open, honest and genuine -- it creates an instant connection.

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