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If you’re interested, you can read this article I wrote about that subject ten years ago.Not much has changed since then except that my husband is now Episcopalian instead of Methodist, and our daughter—who was given the right to choose for herself when she turned eight, the Mormon age of accountability—has generally followed in his Episcopalian footsteps, with time off the Canterbury Trail now and again to attend YW activities and LDS ward potlucks. And sure, there are compromises, but a healthy marriage is built on mutual compromise.And when they return, they are encouraged to marry as soon as possible—to other active members of the Church.Moreover, the Church makes meeting other eligible Saints easier with singles wards, which aren’t perfect but certainly contribute to the formation of endogamous unions.Looking past the important twenty-something years of dating, Riley explores how interfaith families respond to the later challenges and complexities of raising children when the partners don’t agree on religion. This seems on the surface to be a counterintuitive argument—if Mormons are kind and accepting of interfaith marriages and the people in them, as Riley claims from her interviews and research (and as our family has experienced firsthand, with only a few exceptions in two decades), wouldn’t the opposite be true?

The first is obvious; a few others make good sense when you stop to think about them; and the last one is surprising but likely all too true.

People ask me sometimes whether it’s hard for me that my husband is not Mormon.

Or they want to know, on a practical level, how we make our interfaith family work.

David not only knew what he had done, but as king, he knew what he could do.

If the prophet exposed his sin, he need merely nod to his head guard and Nathan was a dead man.

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I was a guest cohost on a Christian radio show when a call came from a man named Wade.

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