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She likes me.” Your so sure you will see her again for a second date.

You start googling things like: You start mind fucking yourself for days wondering what ever happened.

If this all happens are the first date you most likely think “wow that was a great date.

I kissed or made out with her, held her hand, even touched her.

Decide if this is a girl you would like to date and possibly get into a mini or serious relationship with.

If your answer is yes then: If she doesn’t respond to your text for a second date after you played the cards right (like the steps I mentioned above) then the fault does not lie in you, BUT THE FAULT IS IN HER.

I’m sure all of us has experienced this at least ONCE.

Because you know that she has physical attraction for you or why else would she let you kiss her, let you touch her, and hold hands with you?

Perhaps her friends cock-blocked me by saying negative things, perhaps she met another guy the next day that she liked even more.

She responded to it well and I was the first one to pull away.

Did you say something stupid, wait too long to contact her, did you have bad breath, or you a bad kisser, etc.

The date went well, almost immediately I steered the conversation into romantic topics, got closer to her, put my arm around her waist, letting my physical interest be known.

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In this case, you can go to sleep at night knowing you were a complete gentlemen and this girl was the one who was playing games and not appreciating you so you can easily forget about her.

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