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At night the wooded park is a great spot with ample cover and a great view of the lot to avoid be surprised. You will see the sign and then follow the road into the park. After spending ten days in Grand Rapids I found this park to be very active!

There was writing on the bathroom stalls with dates and times to hook up.

Turn left on Evergreen and go down hill past the cemetery on the right. Take Route 210 east out of town until you see the Brainerd Municipal Airport on your left. The sauna is a half block up the hill on the right. Most of the men come and go for a quick get off during the day. It appears to be a place where old gay trolls meet with their friends then sit and ... I went into the straight theater just before closing time.: At a nightclub What types of sexual activities turn you on?I believe that we learn from our mistakes, I'm not perfect, neither too good, but I always make sure that I try my best.Take a left and look for the first left hand turn you can take. Follow this to Lake Ave/Canal Park, stay to the left, then left onto Lake Ave, then right onto Superior St. See web site for additional information for parking. Business men, laborers, and some seemed to be of students&... Several posts have popped up lately on C/L that state that the local police are instituting stings/traps at this location. One guy was leaving and the young guy beside him was completely n...It will be marked with a brown and yellow park sign. I met some really cute native guys there before the wrecking ball. Have business in Minneapolis and Menomonie WI several times a year. I went there on a Sunday about a half hour after they opened. One old guy in the back row and some dude jacking off in the front. I stop here often in the early morning on my way to the cities.

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