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Players used a spinner instead of dice because of the negative association with gambling.When the Civil War broke out in early 1861, Milton Bradley temporarily gave up making board games and tried to make new weaponry.Shea, a Springfield businessman, to take over presidency of the company.Shea immediately moved to decrease the company's debt.New games were introduced during this time, such as the patriotic Game of the States, Chutes & Ladders and Candyland.

These are regarded as the first travel games in the country.Milton Bradley began to decline in the 1920s and fell dramatically in the 1930s during the Depression. The company kept losing money until 1940, when they sunk too low and banks demanded payment on loans.Desperate to avoid bankruptcy, the board of directors persuaded James J.Milton Bradley's company's involvement with kindergartens began with the production of "gifts," the term used by Froebel for the geometric wooden play things that he felt were necessary to properly structure children's creative development.Bradley spent months devising the exact shades in which to produce these materials; his final choice of six pigments of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet would remain the standard colors for children's art supplies through the 20th century.

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He began a major renovation of the Milton Bradley plant by burning old inventory that had been accumulating since the turn of the century.

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