Men who give up dating

In fact the event went so well that we have now hosted it on three separate occasions, and each time we have had the same experience: the female tickets sell out with little energy and there is a significant waiting list, while the male tickets sell last with much greater effort and a small waiting list, if any. In my mind the whole situation is highly ironic because men are naturally (supposed to be) the initiators of relationships; they are the ones who most often ask a woman on a date, and they are most often the ones who drop to the knee to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.Study after study shows that women do not want to be the ones to ask their man to marry them. This order of behavior is not merely a social construct; there is something within the man which summons him to action.

The night went really well, conversations flowed freely and the feedback was very positive.

#7 There’s nothing wrong with being single for a while.

In fact, I would say that it’s actually a REALLY good thing.

#10 If you give up, you may miss out on a great person. Good-Looking, but I’ve given up on love, so I’ll have to pass on that amazing-sounding date.” If you swear off love and then end up meeting someone great, only to dismiss them because you have to stick with your ridiculous rule of giving up love, you could miss out on The One.

[Read: 10 things you can do that’ll bring your soulmate to you] #11 You’ll regret not putting yourself out there when you’re older.

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Yet every time this event is on we almost have to send out special invitations to men.

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  1. An "anonymous" tip to the ACTF sorted the situation out post-haste, but in the wake of it all, Langly finds himself with a very different dilemma on his hands... I'd apologize if it gets out of hand, but lbr, we all know why we're here.