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This is especially true because as abused persons they are often plagued by feelings of shame, fear, and depression, and have lost sight of the essential fact of their dignity and worthiness to be loved.At times they may also make decisions that cause an observer (family member or friend) to question their judgment, or become frustrated with them for remaining in what seems to be an obviously dangerous or hopeless situation.A dramatic and lighter look at breast cancer told from a single woman's point of view.It's the true story of Linda Dackman (Ricki Lake), following her as she tries to re-enter the dizzying...Domestic violence is a hidden scourge on our families and communities.Those who are victimized often keep it a private matter for various reasons: fear, shame, well-intended efforts to preserve the family.

This being said, it is important to recognize that the abusers were not “born that way,” but have their own history of developmental and family problems (often being abused) that can explain how they learned to be aggressive.

Statistics suggest one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, and three in four Americans are reported to know a victim, though most episodes are not reported to the authorities.

Although the majority of victims are female, an estimated 15% are males.

The “cycle” begins with a “set-up” phase: The abuser creates a situation in which the victim has no choice but to react in a way that, in the abuser’s mind, justifies the abuse.

After the violence, the abuser may fear being held accountable, and so may apologize or make excuses for his or her behavior, pledge to never do it again, or use gifts as a way of coping with guilt or preventing the victim from telling.

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Aggressors, if they even recognize their problem, are not likely to have it addressed.

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