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The last few days have been so much involving press, plus meetings, plus premieres, plus more meetings. CHRIS NEUMER: My gosh, so you had to talk to the guys in sweat pants and bad beards all day huh? CHRIS NEUMER: “Did you draw upon anything from your real life to create this? There’s probably a little more of, “What’s your favorite death sequence in the film? ” Or, “You’ve seen it, you know what my character is.” MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Those types of questions can be a little annoying after a while, but it was fine. it was nice having him with me because we could bounce off each other if one of us didn’t feel like answering it right away.

It’s hard because there are a lot of really good roles out there that I really want to play, but the director thinks that the nudity is really necessary.It’s a challenging thing to blend those two characteristics together and to really show that on screen.CHRIS NEUMER: Any time that you get to portray dueling contradictions, it seems like you would be able to sink your teeth into that.MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: That’s a perfect way to describe it.CHRIS NEUMER: Are there any things that you look ahead and you won’t do?

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MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: I wouldn’t agree with that. Lying to your girlfriend or boyfriend is a much different thing than acting to me.

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