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Regardless of the fact that he is an adult, his mother decides everything for him. He is not allowed to spend the night, let alone even come to my house! and he lets her control ever aspect of his life and even controls his relationship with me.

The only time I ever get to see him are evenings on specific nights for specific times allotted by his mother. She sits on the couch with us, watching our every moves. Ive always been very polite, even getting the family gifts on holidays, running errands, babysitting their puppy while they are away. The only other times I ever get to see him are when I'm driving him around to places he needs to be. He does love me, but he just claims "there is nothing he can do to make his mother less controlling/more understanding.) when there are sooo many possibilities to solve these problems. He can't even see me more than 2 times a week between - PM...

His attitude and opinion of her will likely be brought into every other significant female relationship he experiences.

If he is demeaning or makes dismissive jokes about his mother, he may be doing the same about his wife one day.

These are all signs he hasn't mastered these skills, because mom does them for him. It’s one thing to be Facebook friends with his mom (Does anyone even use Facebook anymore?

) but if he’s actively Snapchatting her all the time and loving it …

I would have run for the hills long ago if I didn't love him so much. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I really don't know how to put it to words. TL; DR: adult boyfriend is manipulated by his mother, not allowed to see me, not allowed to leave his house. Will she tell you how you should decorate your house? I would also sacrifice my video game system in a fight to spend more time with my woman. The way I'm thinking about it is- The second he gets out of his house, the second he can move in with me, he and I are blocking her from our lives. He doesn't want her anywhere near us, our home, kids, etc.She once even called my disrespectful for holding his hand in her presence. he always says he hates how controlling she is and how much he wants to see me but if he argues with his mom she "takes away his Xbox and his laptop and his phone" like he is literally a child. He mentally is very mature, but there is no escape for him. Will she be measuring how much time is spent with her family versus your family??Adult or not, his mom tells him that if he leaves, she will call the police to find him. If he is not able to stand up for himself now, it will not get better when he is older.Choose every aspect of the life of a dragon, including its appearance, its abilities, and how it treats the humans around it.You can choose to become a benevolent guardian, a fiery tyrant, a necro...

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