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This year’s Megastar Tour kicked off with a sold-out show in London’s O2 Arena in February.

For those familiar with the theater show, this show is a bit different.

He didn’t want to worry her– a sentiment that many gay men go through when facing the question of disclosure to their parents.

Stigma is something that goes far beyond the social scene.

Then we were off to Brazil for three weeks in September, and then Canada on the tour bus in October. I already have more than enough material for a new release.

When I get home this fall, it’ll be time to cull the appropriate folks and get on with the recording and production. Again, I’ll be handling all the lead vocals and drums as well as the writing.

It’s hardly newsworthy that Jack Mackenroth isn’t afraid to raise an eyebrow or two.

The outspoken sex symbol activist knows how to work what he’s got to raise awareness however he can—and does not apologize for it.

Long story short, I got the gig for the spot and have been touring the better part of this year as kit player and will be out of the country until the end of October.

I was so young that I tried not to think about it and just have a little fun while I was still around.” Jack dreaded telling his mother.

She was in the healthcare profession and knew all to well about exactly what an HIV diagnosis meant in the early 90’s.

Mackenroth stayed in the forefront of my mind as I hastily jammed the keyboard in the middle of the night writing my first article.

There were many factors that pushed me to write “Reluctant Social Commentary…” but the reassurance that people like him could not only stand proud, but also be exactly who they were before.

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The band consists of three Blue Men and eight musicians including a male and female vocalist.

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