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Good god, you think: How could so many men treat a child so brutally?

And how could so many people leap to their defense?

Kathy Dobie investigates." A surge of excitement, of almost electric disgust, passed between them. The Texas morning was warm and overcast, the air spongy. A wall of legs surrounded the couple, like a slatted fence.

In the cafeteria of Cleveland High School, the students jockeyed with one another to get a better view of the tiny screen. The faces of the others in the room weren’t visible, only their legs and feet, shifting impatiently.

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They speculated that she had probably lied about her age, so how were the males to know?

For every well-kept home in Trails End, there’s one with a barbed-wire fence and a yard full of broken toys, tires, and rusted appliances.

She was a sixth grader from the middle school next door. In court documents, she was referred to as "Regina D. Over the next three weeks, fifteen more men and boys, ranging in age from 16 to 27, were indicted for "aggravated sexual abuse" of a child, bringing the total number of defendants to nineteen.

Nineteen men and boys who, if the charges were true, had gathered in a place where no one lived but them—no police, no girlfriends, no fathers, no mothers or grandmothers—and what was wrong became, if not exactly right, then all right. Even before the arrests, the press descended on this East Texas town of 8,000 where half the population is white, a quarter is black, and a quarter, Hispanic.

Located just forty-five miles north of Houston, Cleveland is both rural and citified.

Families keep chickens and donkeys while fast-food restaurants pull in traffic off the main drag.

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Every few months, she lands in the hospital again, most recently for a minor stroke. She wants to be a model." Her photos show a pretty girl with large brown eyes slightly slanted at the corners and raven black hair that falls over her left eye like a bird’s wing.

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