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It was a really stressful, chaotic, not fun way to grow up.” Miele described how that environment resulted in her being told to suppress, rather than express, her feelings. I just felt like every time I cried, I did something wrong,” Miele explained. Positive attention came from not saying anything.” This resulted in Miele developing a sense of perfectionism. On the one hand, having high standards can drive one to succeed.Research shows that emotional suppression actually makes negative emotions worse, not better. But on the other hand, unrealistic expectations plus the belief in catastrophic consequences of even slight miscues can result in intense psychological distress.I 100% get that & my intelligence being question still is a trigger for me.Honestly reading the dyslexic advantage 8 years ago gave me a lot of pride in what I do well & do easily better than ppl & I actually don’t hide my dyslexia anymore. How you see it and define it is fine but it also effects ppl differently.Tessa Netting, Amblin, See More, Casey Frey, Subway Creatures, Welcome to my meme page, Tommy Siegel, Secret NYC, i Wonder Art, Gajuca cosplay, UNILAD Sound, Penzeys Spices, Charles Cornell, Mayapolarbear, Frances Cannon Artist, Gapmannequinproject, Dia Art Foundation, Hey Epiphora, Parent Child , Parent-Child Home Program, Simba's Paw Dog Rescue, The Official Grumpy Cat, My Tinder Nightmare: Misadventures in Online Dating, Master Ken, Plamondon Comics, Bert Kreischer, Shibari Mexico, Sweeten, Ellen De Generes, Oliver Graves, Maritime Academy Comics, LUO LI RONG, London Paris Now, The Lazy Me, The Garden at 120, Eyebone Z, Carmen Sandiego, Slate NY, Baruch VSA, F.

Getting the right kind of attention is tricky business. “Before standup, I wanted to be like a Sandra Bullock — somebody that’s funny and someone that seemed like she got a lot of attention,” she told me.Avoidant behaviors such as alcohol abuse can temporarily allow people to avoid their circumstances but can cause self-harm in the process. And so it started out with drugs and fooling around, but that was more of a numbing quality than a ‘fuck you’ quality,” she said. There is a long history of research investigating the adage “laughter is the best medicine.” And research shows that in certain situations, humor is an effective form of coping.“My first form of rebellion was to talk back, which I had never done before,” she said. But for Miele, it wasn’t just that comedy allowed her an adaptive way of addressing difficult issues, it gave her a chance to shine.“There’s a pivotal moment in your life when you decide how you want to get attention … My mom is an amazing storyteller and is really funny. And I was kind of like, fuck that; I can have all the attention?And I don’t know if I observed it, but saw that was positive attention. “ I knew I wanted to be funny and I wanted people to focus on me in that sense.

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