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(It is her great ambition to be the sort of writer who sits down to work, but she hasn’t ever gotten there; the small white desk she set up in her apartment is used mostly by her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, a guitarist in the indie band Fun.) She says, “I actually work pretty well within the whirlwind of my life.”Her collaborators tout not only her rate of production but her speed.

“Where it takes me 20 years to write about my 20s in a really honest way,” says Konner, “it takes her 24 hours to, like, have gone on a bad date, experienced it, had pain about it, gone home, metabolized it, and turned it into art.

It’s the fastest system I’ve ever seen.” (Williams calls Dunham an “aggregator of humanity.”)“The fact that she’s able to do it in the moment, as it’s happening, is her unique talent,” Driver says. ” He adds: “Plus we get to see each other in these weird intimate settings.

(The skit added a new girl from Albania—Blerta, played by Tina Fey.) “Hey, Danielle,” she says now to a crew member. .”“Thanks,” she says, tossing the cat toy to Williams after a brief test of its aerodynamic properties.(Dunham calls her “the queen of recognizing what a scene is missing.”) Konner, now in her 40s, also brings the vantage of an older generation to the show.Their dynamic is familial, too; on the set and in life, she and Dunham are nearly inseparable.“Lena, will you tuck your necklace in, baby?Dunham’s apartment is quirky, well appointed, and—considering that she sits at the center of one of the most coveted television-comedy enterprises today—concertedly unostentatious.There’s a small galley kitchen, hung with a fading schoolhouse photograph of her grandmother in Connecticut and pepped up with a hot-pink Hello Kitty microwave.

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