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Fortunately, for safari tourists bypassing the crime hotspots, Kenya isgenerally considered a safe and friendly country to visit.

However, a recent bomb attack at a luxury hotel in Nairobi carried out by extremists linked to Al Shabaab has marred Kenya’s reputation as a safe place to visit and international travel groups have posted extensive warnings on the potential dangers of visiting Kenya.

A large section of the audience feel radio programmes are getting worse.

twitter hashtag, has time and again trended with all sorts of crazy tweets, memes being exchanged in the creative war of words and ideas.

As we ended October crossing over to November, the two countries were at it again, and below is a compilation of the hilarious craze that transpired.

It’s national parks are world-renowned and as such, the government of Kenya makes security a high priority in the safari regions.

Most visitors on a safari holiday in Kenya pass fleetingly through Nairobi and Mombasa which both have a reputation for high crime and more recently, terrorist activities.

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