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However, maybe she has similar that we are not aware of. I can't stand social media influencers though. This girl is GROSS..boobs look like hams just hanging..fake face....honestly Audrina is 100% better and actually seems down to earth.

Who works out with what looks like a huge butt plastered on her chest..boob crack..

"I did not hook up with him," claimed Pratt, as Patridge said she didn't care either way, she just wanted to "squash this and move on from it." Pratt responded by telling the two women, "I have not done anything wrong and you're so desperate that I've done something wrong, it's frightening." Audrina said their relationship was "a little hurtful" to her, before Pratt stormed out of the meeting." Montag told that seemed to suggest her job was real. It was great holding the clipboard and feeling like you're running the line," she said."They're one of the biggest event companies in the world, throwing multi-million dollar parties." Despite giving conflicting descriptions of her time at the PR powerhouse, "holding the clipboard" and attending expensive parties doesn't sound like much of a job description, does it?Discussing the introduction of next-door neighbor Enzo in Season 6, Montag told in 2016 that she wasn't trying to manipulate her husband into having a kid. "I think that's the worst thing any human could do.I don't like tricking or manipulating people or things like that.

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