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Obviously, as different as she and I are—certainly as different as the characters are—that may not seem like the most logical thing to say, but as performers, she and I work very easily together.The first time we rehearsed [the kiss], it was literally just like an extension of the verbal dance we've been doing for eight and a half years.And, on a personal note, he extended his thanks to Glamour readers for being such loyal viewers of the show and for being just as excited about season nine as you were for season two.On making out with Kaley Cuoco's Penny: "It was really One can't sit down with Jim Parsons and think about anything other than the fact that you're in the company of comedic brilliance.It's always awkward to a degree, but this was shockingly easy. And it was so much fun to do it live in front of the audience.

"As gratifying as that was, the next logical step was, ' What if we can help?That was Chuck [Lorre]'s idea, as many good ideas are around here, but he was like, ' I think you should do it in falsetto,' so I did it, and again, it's not exactly what he did, but energy-wise, it was much more closer to a Queen performance than doing it normal."On Sheldon and Leonard's new roommate agreement: "We have made a habit of really slow growth and change in these characters, and that's been on purpose from the writers. I don't know how long we get to keep that living situation... We also caught up with Mayim Bialik, who is about to embark on a huge story line arc for Amy.Without giving too much away, the Emmy nominee teased that we will revisit that shocking plot point from the season eight finale, when it was revealed that Sheldon had an engagement ring for Amy. "We start exploring what the stakes are for Sheldon and Amy."As excited as Bialik is for what's to come, she was even more thrilled for the UCLA undergrads who now can focus on their studies instead of how they'll pay for their college education: "To know that they might not have had the money...Kaley and Johnny seem to still have a close friendship and neither have ever confirmed that they were ever dating. They were dating for the first couple seasons of The Big Bang Theory. The main cast members of The Big Bang Theory are: Johnny Galecki - "Leonard Hofstadter Jim Parsons - "Sheldon Cooper" Kaley Cuoco - "Penny Simon Helberg - "Howard Wolowitz" Kunal Nayar - "Raj Koothrappali" Melissa Rauch - "Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz" Mayim Bialik - "Amy Farrah Fowler" It was reported in 2016 that for Seasons 11 & 12, Jim Parsons as well as the other four main stars, Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar & Simon Helberg took pay cuts so Melissa Rauch & Mayim Bialik could get raises but it was said the five leads are getting 0,000 an episode. The main actors/actresses are Johnny Galecki as Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Kaley Couco as Penny, Simon Helberg as Howard Wolowitz, and Kunal Nayyar as Dr.

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