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I couldn't stop replaying in my mind every time I'd gotten undressed, and wondering what Jim might have seen.

The next few days, I didn't leave my house — I didn't want to face anyone, and I didn't feel safe.

By Jessica Press "There's something I need to tell you," my mom said, turning to look at me in the backseat of her car.

We were in the parking lot of a restaurant, about to celebrate my 21st birthday. "Police found child pornography and hidden cameras in his basement.

He always had us weigh in on scales he kept in a changing area.

In power-lifting, you compete based on your weight class, and if you're even a half pound above a weight limit, you get bumped into the next class.

Note: We have tested this method to install x86 flavor of Windows 7 to Seagate USB external hard drive.Im a writer, traveler, many stories to tell, confident, capable, loyal out going and fun..Also, a manic depressive,bi polar, non verbal socially awkward reject with mammy issues lol :) NOT!! Since you want your lowest, most precise weight, you're supposed to get nude when you weigh yourself in. But sometimes, when my weight was just on the border of two classes, I'd take everything off.And it turned out that while I was weighing in, I was being filmed by a hidden camera!

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