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They split during filming and by the time the series premiered, Patridge was already in a new romance with polo player, Nic Roldan.

During the series premiere, she expressed her thoughts on the breakup saying, “It was a long time coming.

In the trailer for episode one, Audrina is heard saying, "I love this city, but sometimes it doesn't love me." (A little foreshadowing of boyfriend drama to come, perhaps?) She then goes onto say, "It's hard enough going through a divorce, but it's harder everyone judging and knowing intimate details that you don't want everyone to know." She also reveals she hasn't seen ex-boyfriend Justin Bobby in "so long" before the trailer cuts to the clip of the two having dinner together. But wait—what's been going down in Audrina's love life since reported that Audrina and Nic were spotted vacationing in Cozumel, Mexico.He also gave her a polo lesson in Palm Beach, Florida.“Filming a reality show really takes a toll on relationships because your mindset is to create good TV,” explained Patridge.“It’s hard on relationships, so after the show, Corey and I really worked on what was going on with us.

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